SXSW Mentor Sessions


Emi Hofmeister

Emi Hofmeister is passionate about running marathons, hitting the ski slopes, tasting cheese, and helping marketers connect the dots across the customer journey – from consideration to retention. As the senior product marketing manager for Adobe Social, a leading social marketing platform that integrates social data with web analytics, Emi helps marketers measure social media and tie interactions to real business results.

Previously in her director of strategy role at Context Optional, Emi managed social strategy engagements for several Fortune 500 companies such as Hyatt, Dell and Levi’s. Emi has a BA in History from Stanford University. She has been working in digital marketing since 2004 and has been chosen as a SXSW Mentor.


Emi Hofmeister


Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Fl
Mar 9
11:00am – 12:00pm

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